Training and Teaching

In addition to the classes listed below, I can tailor a training class (length and content) to your specific needs:

  • 2 hour “Negotiation Essentials” Seminar
  • 2 hour “How to Negotiate for a Raise” Seminar
  • 2 hour “How to Negotiate your Personal Service Contract”
  • 2 hour “Interest-Based Bargaining” Seminar
  • 3 hour “Negotiation Essentials for Women” Seminar
  • 3 hour “How to Avoid Sexual Harassment in Your Workplace” Seminar
  • 1 day “Interest-Based Bargaining” Training
  • 2 day “Fundamentals of Negotiation” Training
  • 2 day “Contract Language Drafting” Training
  • 3 day “Fundamentals of Negotiation” Training
  • 3 day “Mediation Skills” Training (co-taught with Mediator/Arbitrator Felice Busto)
  • 3 day “How to Be an Effective Advocate in Mediation” (co-taught with Mediator/Arbitrator Felice Busto)

Sample Class Description:
Fundamentals of Negotiation: 2-Day Training


  • To learn and employ the fundamental skills that apply to negotiations in any setting
  • To be able to develop and implement a negotiating strategy that meets your organization’s key goals and objectives in any negotiating situation
  • Through negotiation simulations, to actively practice negotiating skills in a learning environment

Key Topics:

  • Exploring the concepts of “reservation price,” “resistance point,”  “zone of potential agreement” and negotiating leverage and how they relate to planning and executing a negotiation strategy
  • The use of standards and norms in framing negotiation positions and efforts to persuade
  • The difference between traditional distributive (“fixed-sum”) and more collaborative integrative bargaining (“win-win”) and how to operate effectively within each and choose when to use each approach
  • The importance of information gathering and communication in negotiation and how to use them to your advantage in any kind of negotiation
  • Understanding your negotiating style and how to employ your style effectively in various settings and with negotiators of the same and different style
  • How to reach settlements on the end of the “zone of possible agreement” most favorable to you

Mediation Skills Training provided to the Legal Staff at the NYC OCB by Debra Osofsky and Felice Busto, January 2016