Essential Negotiation Skills Training provided to Professor Van Dyke’s Leadership Class, Fordham University, March 2017

“I have learned a great deal from Debra Osofsky about negotiations, dispute resolution and contract language writing while working directly with her over ten years while I was an MEC Chairman with the Airline Pilots Association. One of the results of her expert tutelage was a valuable and durable contract with Allegheny Airlines that produced only one contract dispute over a five-year period. I have no doubt that any any person in need of contract negotiating advice or assistance, and any student willing to learn, will benefit from the expertise Debra offers.

Matthew J. Kernan
Director of Flight Operations – PSA Airlines
Former Allegheny Airlines Master Executive Council Chairman (ALPA)
And ALPA Executive Vice President

About a “Fundamentals of Negotiation” Workshop led by Debra Osofsky at the 2014 Delaware State Bar Association Women & Law Retreat, Judge Andrea Rocanelli (Delaware Superior Court) said: “…the women lawyers and judges of Delaware are still talking about her fabulous presentation.” Harvard Law Bulletin, Fall 2015

“A smart, savvy, experienced negotiator and educator, with demonstrated expertise in HR, Labor and Employment law. I would not hesitate to rely on Debra to break down the most complex and sensitive situations and find effective and efficient solutions.

“The ATU benefited first hand from her astute observations and ability to calmly but firmly help new leadership effect significant organizational changes and administrative improvements to systemic issues. She is now our lead trainer in negotiations for both experienced and new officers.”

Robert Molofsky
General Counsel to the ATU, International
Washington, DC

“I can’t speak highly enough of Debra Osofsky’s professional skill and wisdom. She is a great listener, helping me to articulate my needs and interests; she was then able to translate this into necessary language for an employment contract. Thanks to her guidance, advice, and close review of contract documents, I was able to smoothly and efficiently reach an agreement that satisfied all parties.

Rabbi Jen Feldman
Kehillah Synagogue
Chapel Hill, NC

“We are fortunate to have Debra Osofsky as an adjunct instructor in our Labor Relations and Conflict Resolution professional programs. Debra brings a wealth of practical knowledge and experience along with academic grounding to our workshops. She’s an engaging and thoughtful instructor who works equally well with managers and union leaders.”

Sally Klingel
Director, Labor-Management Programs at Scheinman Institute on Conflict Resolution
Cornell University
Ithaca NY

”The negotiation strategy, concepts, and techniques training taught by Debra Osofsky while I attended negotiation courses at Cornell University’s Scheinman Institute on Dispute Resolution were second to none (OUTSTANDING). ‬‬‬‬‬

“I am thoroughly impressed with the negotiation strategy and techniques training and how within no time at all, Debra had us understanding (exploring) our personal negotiating style and how to employ your style effectively in various settings and with negotiators of the same and different styles. ‬‬‬‬‬

I strongly recommend Debra Osofsky for your negotiation strategy and techniques, training, needs.” ‬‬‬‬‬

Ivory J. Anderson, Jr., MBA‬‬‬‬‬
‬‬‬‬Parson Constructors, Inc.
San Diego, CA

I highly recommend Debra Osofsky, JD for her skills as a contract negotiator and trainer for negotiations on workplace issues. Her deep understanding of the process of negotiations, the implications of each approach and consequences that result are invaluable.

Debra Osofsky served as the Executive Director of the AAUP representing UMDNJ faculty and subsequently as special council for the Rutgers RBHS AAUP council. Clearly, our strong interest to recruit her back to our unit shows our appreciation and respect for her skills and understanding. She led us through hostile territory with a calm firm hand.

In addition to leading a group representing eight distinct schools within the University, Debra was at the forefront in developing new policies aimed at providing a lasting protocol for salary equity and compression issues. She also assumed leadership in issues relating to appointments and promotions, which create the foundations of workplace environment.

Most importantly, her integrity brings forth the respect of all those sitting at the table. You trust her suggestions and the path she is pointing the negotiations. I look forward to working with her again in the future.

Monica Roth, PhD
Rutgers-Robert Wood Johnson Medical School

I provide this recommendation for Debra Osofsky, JD, who is an outstanding teacher and an excellent trainer. In the Spring of 2012, Debra and I co-taught a combined graduate and undergraduate course in Negotiations at Rutgers’ School of Management and Labor Relations with a course enrollment of approximately 60 students. The course provided a blend of readings that combined analysis with detailed examples and applications. Every three-hour class meeting required students to participate in either negotiation simulations or exercises that were an essential part of the learning experience. Debra provided students with an excellent training in Interest Based Bargaining combined with her insights with many years of experience. In the Fall of 2012, Debra taught her version of the class, which was positively received and reviewed. In my judgment, I strongly recommend Debra Osofsky and would gladly work with her again.

Jeff Keefe, Professor
Rutgers University
New Brunswick, NJ

“In my former roles as President of the Newark Chapter of the AAUP (American Association of University Professors) , President of the Council of Chapters, and Chief Negotiator for RBHS-AAUP it has been my pleasure to work closely with Debra Osofsky for a period spanning nearly a decade. During my period of involvement with AAUP, Debra served variously as our Executive Director and later as Special Counsel. Her years at AAUP were especially challenging and tumultuous as AAUP attempted to negotiate a contract first with UMDNJ (The University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey) and then Rutgers University and Rowan University as portions of our bargaining unit were merged with those two universities.

Debra displayed both extraordinary skills as an Executive Director and as a negotiator during this particularly difficult period. She managed an organization that incorporated representatives from eight schools and colleges representing a diverse range of professionals from physicians and dentists to librarians and spanning the entire State of New Jersey. She managed our negotiations with three separate University Administrations and representatives if the State. She trained faculty and staff in the art and science of negotiations and served as my right hand and chief counsel as we attempted to settle our contracts.
In each of her roles with AAUP Debra displayed incredible skill, patience, and insight. She provided extraordinary leadership during a period that had no historical precedence. She displayed unmatched flexibility and dedication to the organization in meeting the needs and demands the appeared to be infinitely expanding and unpredictable.

In summary, I cannot praise Debra enough for the work she did during her tenure with AAUP. “

Dr. Joseph Holtzman, Professor (Ret)
Department of Community Health,
Rutgers School of Dental Medicine
President, JMH Research, LLC