Contract Expertise (Substance)

I have deep experience in negotiating all kinds of agreements, including: employment contracts, personal service contracts, severance agreements, non-competition agreements, professional contracts (financial services, broadcast, entertainment, attorney, information technology, medical, dental, pharmaceutical), collective-bargaining agreements, IT contracts, retainer agreements, and more. Feel free to contact me if you have a contract or negotiating question. If I don’t have the expertise in the area in which you are seeking assistance, I will help you find someone who does.

Contract Expertise (Process)

Contracts exist in different contexts. For example:

  • Is the agreement a one-shot deal or a long-term relationship?
  • Is there equal power among parties or greater power of one or more party?
  • Is there a chance for all parties to have their needs met or must there be clear winners and losers?

The answers to these, and other, questions will determine the type of negotiation that is appropriate. I have extensive experience in more traditional adversarial and distributive negotiations as well as more collaborative interest-based and “win-win” negotiations. I can help you see your negotiation situation more clearly and help you negotiate, or negotiate for you, to get your best outcome possible.


You can hear me discuss the top three considerations for negotiations in an interview I gave the Millennial Leadership Program of the Atlantic Council in 2015: