My Services

  • Negotiate on your behalf or advise you on how best to negotiate for yourself.
  • Analyze contracts, educate you on what they require, advise you of the areas of concern, advise you on how to address power differentials and help you revise and enforce contracts to your benefit.
  • Train you or your employees, individually or in small or large groups.
  • I can teach anyone how to negotiate, or negotiate better, using traditional and/or collaborative techniques.
  • I provide prepackaged or customized training in negotiations, representation, advocacy, sexual harassment and other workplace and legal areas.
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Debra Osofsky

My Background

I have worked many years as a labor-relations lawyer and I am a negotiator, administrator, problem-solver and teacher with a diverse portfolio. With a Harvard Law degree and more than 25 years experience, I can provide the highest quality negotiation, contract and workplace advice and assistance, as well as pre-packaged or tailored training for you or your staff, without the big-firm mark-up. I have taught at Rutgers University and currently teach for the Scheinman Institute at Cornell University. I provide direct services, counsel and advice to organizations small and large, as well as to individuals.


“I’ve had the fortunate pleasure of being a student of Professor Osofsky in her Negotiations course.

“Professor Osofsky provided a concise and comprehensive course on a topic that is much often seen as an intimidating aspect in the realm of business interaction. She consistently provided clear and understandable material, facilitating effective mock sessions to arm students like myself with the necessary knowledge to set ourselves up for success.

“Professor Osofsky was always willing to coach her students and provide constructive and honest feedback to ensure that we were properly developed to deliver in a broad range of environments.

It is my pleasure and honor to highly recommend her to anyone who seeks to develop strong foundational knowledge or leverage her as a mentor or coach in their own personal development goals.”

Joseph Han
Human Resources Business Account Manager
Procter & Gamble
Cincinnati, Ohio (formerly New Brunswick, New Jersey)

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